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Includes string, tune and polish.

Guitars & Bass-$25 +cost of strings

Mandolins and 12 strings- $35 +cost of strings

Floyd Rose Tremolos - $85 +cost of strings


Basic Set Up- $75 

Includes neck adjustment, level nut height, set saddle height, Intonation, clean electronics,  tighten all loose hardware, polish instrument, and restring.

(Strings not included)


Set Up with Fret Dress-$95

Basic Set Up plus cleaning of frets and removing divots in frets.  Like having new frets.


Set Up with Fret Leveling- $135

Basic Set Up plus Level, Crown and Dress Frets.


Bone Nut- $75

Custom made bone nut for your instrument. 

Up-charge for fossilized ivory.


Bone Saddle- $65

Custom made bone saddle, intonated for your instrument.


Pickup Installation- $85

This service is for all electric and acoustic instruments.


Rewiring- $165

Includes complete gutting of instrument, replace all pots, capacitors, wiring, switches and inputs.  

(Parts not included)


Re-fret- $350-$450

Prices specific to the instrument. Binding vs no binding, stainless steel frets or nickel frets.


Re-Glue Bridge- $150

Remove and refit old bridge. Very minor touchup included.  For bridge replacement add cost of factory made bridge (approx. $30-$50) Handmade bridges may be necessary for vintage instruments and custom bridge replacements. Add cost of bridge (approx. $100-$200)


Broken Headstock- $350 & up by quote

Depends on the instrument and severity of break. We will have to see to make an accurate quote. Glue, seal and re-finish area. Repairs often not invisible.


Neck Re-set- $450

Remove neck. Re-cut heel/body angle to correct high action.  Additional fret work and bridge work may also be necessary.





Touch Up- $75-$250 

Small color and/or clear repair


Refinish top- $350-$550

Clear or standard color top


Refinish Instrument- $550-$750

Clear or standard color for complete instrument


Refinish side(s)- $250-$350

Clear or standard color side refinish


Refinish back- $250-$350

Clear or standard color for back refinish


Refinish headstock- $100

Plus materials (decal) cost


Standard color- $350-$550

Body only refinish


Standard Color- $550-$750

Neck and body refinish


Custom “relic” Refinish- $555-$750

Price depends on level of aging





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